How we raise funds

Our Commissions

For every purchase you make through browser extension, XPO2 receives a small commission. The commission varies from store to store but on average the commission goes around 1% of the net sale.

Our Goal

XPO2 delivers the funds once the raised amount has reached a certain goal. This goal represents the minimum commission that must be earned before funds can feasibly be transferred to the non-profit and non-government organizations participating in XPO2. The current goal for XPO2 is $10,000 USD. That means participating organizations will not be able to receive funds until XPO2 have raised at least $10,000 USD worth of commissions. However, that might not mean that organizations automatically receive funds once funds go above Our Goal.

XPO2 Factor

XPO2 factor refers to the impact of XPO2 organizations in their community and in the world.

XPO2 understand some organizations require a lot more effort than others while creating a higher impact. XPO2 rewards these organizations by giving them a higher XPO2 factor.

The XPO2 is a value between 1 and 10.

Shared funds

XPO2 shared the funds percentually between all organizations based on their Exponential Factor.

Currently Our Goal would be distributed as follows:

Lost Children of China 10%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%